HHO Bubbler Tank

HHO Bubbler Tank.

Get cleaner gas, safer, with our exclusive design!

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HHO Bubbler Tank For HHO Generator Dry Fuel Cell System

Get cleaner gas, safely, with our exclusive design!

A good bubbler is an essential part of an HHO system. These Heavy-Duty Bubblers are exclusive to HHO-Plus Kits.

Why Do You Need a Bubbler?

Bubblers serve two purposes: cleaning the HHO gas and acting as a safety barrier. When HHO gas is produced from a dry cell, some water vapor is produced as well. This water vapor can carry tiny particles of electrolyte which can cause damaging corrosion. As the HHO bubbles rise up the column of water inside the bubbler they are "scrubbed" of any electrolyte particles that were attached to the water vapor. The result is much cleaner HHO gas.

In the event of a flashback, the bubbler acts as a safety barrier. If a flame reaches the bubbler and ignites the HHO that has accumulated at the top, the water column will prevent the HHO from going on to the dry cell because the flame cannot skip from bubble to bubble.

Technical features

- Heavy duty high density poliethylene tank with molded side mounting ear. Thick-walled container and heat resistant.

- Tight fitting screw cap-non ventilated with nitrile inserted gasket.

- Tank Comes with three (3) 3/8" Barbed fittings in black nylon and 9 mm inside PVC hose. Fittings are removed for shipping purposes and placed inside of container, but the holes are threaded 1/4" NPT for easy reinstallation and must be sealed with Goop glue.

- Connects to HHO dry cell fittings.

Bubbler Tank measures: 5,5x5,5x13 cm